Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Keeping track of time...

I'm not much of a blogger, but I thought I'd at least give it one more try. At my last job at KEYC, I had a blog called "Jessica's Jottings." Not sure if anyone really looked at it, but it sure didn't get updated very much, so I'll make a better effort at this... at least I hope!

I write this as I'm having a hard time keeping track of time. I look at my life, my kids, my family and wonder where has all the time gone? My grandmother is getting older, my grandpa turns 80 this year and I am constantly asking myself if I've savored all my time and moments with them. I don't know what it is, but lately I find myself dwelling on things, wondering why this, what about that, what if this, what if that.... Not sure why, but I guess its something people go through at times. I'm learning quickly how fast life passes by and that I need to take more time to enjoy it.

Troy and I were recently in Mexico and while we were there, we had a blast and I kept wanting to savor the moment and not let the time slip by too quickly. I think it went well... by the time our 4-5 days was up, I was ready to get back home and snuggle our kids.

Speaking of those kids! Kaiden will be 4 in August, Kallie will be 8 months next month! Wowsers! Kaiden has become such a little man, talking so big and Kallie growing up so fast too! She's rolling all over the place and really getting a little personality of her own. It's so much fun being a mom and wife, I just never want these days to go away, at least most of the time! I have the greatest husband in the world and probably could do a better job of showing him how much he's appreciated. I'm so lucky to have the life I have and I wouldn't trade it for anything, I just wish the time wouldn't slip by me so quickly....

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